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Do you provide routine window cleaning?
Yes, the majority of our work is done every two weeks or on a monthly schedule.
Do you have clean offices and other commercial spaces?
We do provide a number of services to commercial properties, however we do not do general cleaning services such as trash pickup or floor waxing for the interior of businesses.
What area do you service?
We service all of Central Florida. See our service area page here.
What is the cost of your service?
Although we do have a standard pricing table to assign pricing estimates for projects, there is no standard project so every customer's price will be different depending on the size of the property, the condition and the service requested.
Do you use harsh chemicals?
The majority of our work involves mild cleaning solutions such as Dawn dish soap, however we may use stronger chemicals on stains or to kill bacteria growth as needed. We do not use strong chemicals for interior work.
How often should I have my windows cleaned?
The needs of a commercial property vary depending on the foot or vehicle traffic near the windows. If you have a storefront you may want the windows done every couple of weeks, but if you have an office building you make want your exterior windows cleaned quarterly.
Do you clean drive-thru windows?
Yes, as the driveway traffic allows we do regularly clean exterior and interior glass on drive-thrus.
How do you clean windows?
Depending on the condition of the glass we clean windows using a squeegee and mild detergent, a scrub pad or window mop.
We also may use a water fed pole to reach high glass or even low glass where effective. Using a water fed pole mean cleaning your windows using pure water that jets out of a poled brush head. After scrubbing the glass we will rinse it with pure water and leave it to dry spot-free.

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